Read. Read Until Your Eyes Pop Out.

Then put them back in and read some more.

No doubt you’ve come to Medium to read. And maybe get some tips on writing, in which case you need to read more.

So I’m already preaching to a choir loft of readers.

But I’ll say it anyway. READ!

Please read. Anything. Everything.

Reading is the quickest way to self-awareness, which is the first step in self-improvement.

You get to learn how others overcome their own obstacles, which probably are not so different from yours.

Read to yourself. Read to your kids. Read to your pets. (Sure, why not?)

Go to a senior center and read — folks there would love it.

Volunteer to read at a local school — kids would love it, and so would their teachers.

Read to your partner. Who knows what might come of it?

We were watching part of a Simpsons marathon the other day, and my son said how glad he was that we read to him and our daughter all the time.

The Simpsons? Oh, yeah. Smart, highly literate people write those shows. If you’re not a well-rounded reader, you’re going to miss half their jokes.

Do you have to dive right in to Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire?Nope. Alan Moore’s Watchmen is just as epic.

Got a favorite movie? It probably came from a book, or least it’s been novelized. Grab the book; you’ll learn fascinating details you didn’t catch in the movie.

The girl in the photo above is reading Hop On Pop. Dr. Seuss was a literary genius. His stories are full of rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, theme, and lesson.

Guess what? I’ve seen real grown-up adults reading Dr. Seuss when there were no kids present!

And if you want to write, you know you must read. Short of writing itself, reading is the quickest way to hone your craft.

We’ve got a president who doesn’t read, who has to have his daily briefings condensed into single-page infographics, who prefers impromptu rants to well-crafted speeches.

See what trouble it’s brought us?

Look, not reading is like drilling a hole in the bottom of your boat and then sinking with it.

On the other had, reading is the rising tide that lifts your boat and everyone else’s.

Do us all a favor.


We’ve got to do better than this, folks.

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