I’m Looking Forward to Medium’s Changes

Going from claps to reads

A couple of weeks ago I published story in which I wondered out loud about how many claps I should give stories I particularly liked. Was there a magic number, some mysterious ratio?

As if on cue, now comes Medium’s announcement that claps will play less of a role in calculating payments. Instead, reads will be more important.

I’ve read several stories this week from various writers conjecturing about the upshot of this new payment scheme. Is it for better? Or worse?

I find myself actually looking forward to the change.

I’ve been a paid member of Medium since 2018, but I never really took it seriously until a couple of months ago. Medium was a site to place an occasional story, nothing more.

But the more I read other members’ stories, the more I became convinced I could make a little extra on the side. And I set some goals that I’m trying to meet. I’m not counting on Medium as a “day job,” but I am enjoying the challenge I’ve set for myself.

I was especially encouraged when a story I wrote got curated in Life Lessons and attracted some 1,300 views.

Those views, however, translated into only 199 reads (a 15% read ratio). I’m happy for the readership, but I’ll admit that a 30% or 50% read ratio would be welcome. Still, all of those reads translated to only seven fans. Again, not griping, just observing.

It seems that getting readers to clap for an article is indeed difficult. Spending time on an article and finishing it does not necessarily mean they will clap.

I’m not so engrained in the clap/fan formula that changing will bother me much. I was just learning the former, I’ll learn this one as well.

For now, I’m looking forward to seeing what the changes bring.

We’ve got to do better than this, folks.

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