It’s not supposed to get this cold in Texas, but it did. Now what?

North Texas supermarket with empty shelves during Winter Storm Uri. (Author’s photo)

Joe Biden’s Covid-19 memorial service has already started to dispel the darkness.

The incoming first families at the Covid-19 memorial service, Jan. 19, 2021.

Of course, he doesn’t know the true story of the Texas battle

Trump before going to Texas. (Carlos Barria/Reuters/Yahoo News)

Disgusting scene is full of images from America’s struggle for Civil Rights .

Inside the United States Capitol, January 6, 2021. (Photo MIKE THEILER / REUTERS/ BBC)

If they can’t embrace its lessons, they don’t deserve their jobs.

Scrooge encounters the Ghost of Christmas Present. (John Leech illustration, Public Domain)

Anyone who doesn’t think so never did the work to earn a doctorate.

Dr. Jill Biden greets troops during her tenure as Second Lady of the U.S. (White House photo)

Insiders bet Trump won’t attend, breaking inaugural conventions.

Vice President Joe Biden, with President Barack Obama behind him, shakes Donald Trump’s hand at Trump’s 2017 inauguration. (Photo: Reuters: Carlos Barria)

It’s good to have a dog lover going back to the White House

Joe Biden adopting Major. (Delaware Humane Society Twitter)

We’ve got to do better than this, folks.

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